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Travel Medicine Services in Germantown, MD, Woodbridge, VA, & Alexandria, VA

Medical Access Urgent Care Walk-In Medical Clinic offers vaccines and medicine for your international travel needs in Germantown, MD, Woodbridge, VA, & Alexandria, VA. For more information call or walk-in at one of our 3 locations today!

Travel Medicine Services in Germantown, MD, Woodbridge, VA, & Alexandria, VA

Are you planning a trip to a foreign country, and you’re not sure how to prepare? Maybe you’re vacationing with the family or volunteering in a humanitarian effort. Regardless of your reason for going, you should come into Medical Access first to see if you require preventative medical care.

Travel medicine is a form of preventative medicine that protects you and your family from diseases and conditions that might not be common in America, but can be common in your destination. Many travelers need travel medicine, and often it’s just a quick vaccination. Here at Medical Access, you can simply come on over and walk into our clinic to speak with a professional about whether you require travel medicine for your trip!

Do I need travel medicine if I’m traveling to a different continent?

Most often, yes, you’ll require travel medicine for a trip to another continent. You’ll need a vaccine if you travel to Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, the Caribbean, or Central or South America. An immunization is vital for helping you fight off infections like malaria, polio, meningitis, HPV, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid fever, yellow fever, rabies, tetanus, meningococcal, influenza, varicella (chickenpox), poliomyelitis, measles/mumps/rubella (MMR), or others.

Just because many of these infections are rare or even nonexistent in the US, it doesn’t mean they’re uncommon elsewhere. In the developing world, the infections can be much more common. In the US, the immunizations we get do not protect us from many of those infections, so we must protect ourselves from them when we travel. Travel medicine helps prepare our body to fight the infections we might encounter when we’re overseas.

If I’m going to be travelling soon, when should I get my travel medicine vaccination?

Plan big, intercontinental travels at least a month ahead of time. We strongly recommend that you get your vaccination 4-6 weeks before you leave, because this will ensure the vaccine has the time it needs in your body to become most effective. If you’re leaving in no less than two weeks, you can still get the vaccination. Come to our clinic today; you can simply walk in for a same-day appointment. At Medical Access, we offer travel medicine in Germantown MD, Woodbridge, or Alexandria VA.

How do I get a consultation with Medical Access?

We offer international medical consultations with no appointment necessary. Medical Access is a walk-in clinic, so you can simply come into our clinic for an immediate consultation.

The consultation itself includes a conversation about your medical travel risks, your destination, what activities you plan on doing, the duration of your stay, and a review of your prior immunizations. Before you come into our clinic, we recommend that you ask your doctor for your immunization records, and bring them with you when you come see us.

Here at Medical Access, our Medical Director, Dr. Manbir Takhar, is our yellow fever vaccination provider, designated by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Dr. Takhar and our other medical staff are fully capable of helping you and your family with all your travel medicine needs.

Do you offer travel medicine in Germantown MD, Woodbridge, or Alexandria VA?

Yes! Medical Access has 3 locations for patients in the Germantown MD, Woodbridge VA, and Alexandria VA areas. All of our locations offer travel medicine. We are open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm, with various hours over the weekend, and you can make an appointment with us or simply come into our clinic for one! Please see our contact page for our hours, addresses, and phone numbers.

We look forward to helping you stay safe and healthy during your travels!