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Travel Medicine Clinic in Woodbridge, VA

At Medical Access Urgent Care We Strive to Make Your Trip a Healthy One. Inquire Today About Our Travel Medicine and Which Types of Vaccinations We Offer. You Are Important and Your Health Should Be Too. Call to Book Your Appointment or Visit Our Clinic Today Conveniently Located at 14527 Jefferson Davis Highway in Woodbridge, VA.

Travel Medicine Clinic in Woodbridge, VA

When preparing to travel abroad, it can be easy to overlook certain requirements. We have all been in the position of realizing we forgot an important toiletry item or favorite pair of shoes while on vacation. However, when you choose to travel overseas, forgetting to prioritize your health can lead to serious unintended consequences. If you are planning to travel outside the U.S., visiting a travel medicine clinic is the first step to making sure your trip is a healthy one. At Medical Access Urgent Care in Woodbridge, we offer important travel vaccines for a wide range of destination countries.

What is a travel health clinic?

A travel health clinic is an essential partner for any globetrotter. As an urgent care center, we provide convenient access to a wide range of important medical care to patients in our community, including travel vaccines both required and recommended by the CDC for travel to specific countries. By providing preventative medical treatments to patients who are preparing to leave the country, we strive to help make your global experience safer and more rewarding. Many people do not realize that even routine vaccinations should be updated prior to traveling outside of the country in order to inoculate themselves against illnesses such as polio, meningitis, and measles, as well as more exotic diseases including malaria, hepatitis A, yellow fever, cholera, and typhoid. At Medical Access Urgent Care, we can help you understand which vaccines you need to safely travel to your destination country.

Do you have to pay for travel vaccinations?

The total out-of-pocket costs you can expect to pay for travel vaccines will vary depending on your health insurance coverage. Vaccines for hepatitis A and B, measles, and other routine immunizations are often covered by insurance depending on your age and prior health status. However, most health insurance plans do not provide full coverage for vaccines related to overseas travel. At Medical Access Urgent Care, we proudly work with a wide range of health insurance providers, as well as offering transparent pricing and self-pay options for travelers who need it. While it may seem like an unexpected expense, taking the time to receive your vaccinations prior to traveling abroad will help keep you healthy and protected from a wide range of diseases that can be serious, and sometimes deadly. It is a small price to pay for peace of mind that will allow you to fully enjoy your travels, as well as protected long-term health.

Where can I get travel vaccinations?

Many travel vaccines are available at urgent care centers, health clinics, and traditional doctor’s offices. However, for some vaccines including the important yellow fever immunization, only certain clinics can provide patients with access. For those in the Woodbridge, VA area looking to travel abroad, the travel medicine clinic at Medical Access Urgent Care provides comprehensive travel vaccine services, including yellow fever. If you are interested in receiving required and recommended vaccinations from us, it is typically best to first receive your vaccination records from your primary care doctor or other providers, and to review information regarding travel vaccines provided on the CDC website. During your consultation, your doctor will be able to answer any questions you may have about the vaccines you will need to travel abroad safely. We recommend receiving your vaccines 4-6 weeks prior to your departure date. For patients who require the yellow fever vaccine in order to enter their destination country, it is important to remember that their International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP) will not be valid until 10 days after they receive their vaccine.

If you are planning to travel abroad and are interested in speaking with a doctor at a travel medicine clinic about your health needs, contact Medical Access Urgent Care today. We offer convenient appointments 7 days a week, and also accept walk ins.