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Primary Care Physicians in Alexandria, VA

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Primary Care Physicians in Alexandria, VA

Finding a trusted doctor to provide essential medical care for your family can be a stressful experience. At Medical Access Urgent Care, we strive to help our patients find the important care they need when it suits their busy schedules. Our primary care physicians are available 7 days a week with or without an appointment, so families in the Alexandria community can prioritize their health by accessing important screenings and preventative treatments.

How do I find a primary care physician?

As with any medical provider, the best place to begin your search for a primary care physician is likely on your health insurance provider’s website. This will allow you to narrow your focus to doctors who are considered in-network for your specific plan, which can help you reduce your family’s total out-of-pocket healthcare costs. At Medical Access Urgent Care, we work with a wide range of providers and plans to ensure we can see as many patients as possible. Once you have decided on a primary care doctor, you should devote some time to thoroughly reading through any online reviews that may be available for their practice or asking friends and family for their input if they are familiar with the office. One of the most often overlooked, but important, things to consider when choosing a primary care provider is location and convenience. You want to choose a doctor’s office that is close enough you can get to them easily if you are sick and need to see a doctor quickly, and you also want to make sure you don’t choose a doctor who often has lengthy waiting lists for appointment scheduling. Our conveniently located clinic offers high-quality primary care with or without an appointment, allowing you to walk in when you need to see a doctor, but don’t have time to wait.

What does a primary care physician treat?

A primary care physician’s main goal is to ensure that patients are overall as healthy as possible. A good PCP will be able to provide you with important information about your general health and suggestions for supporting your body in the long-term. Primary care doctors are important partners who can help you develop healthier lifestyle habits, prevent disease, and understand key health information. Your PCP will perform physical exams, administer vaccinations, and complete regular diagnostic testing as necessary. Your primary care provider can also offer treatment for a wide range of common illnesses and minor injuries, and some can also provide certain types of specialized care and support for chronic conditions. Having a trusted primary care provider is one of the best ways to arm yourself against disease and ensure you and your family have everything you need to stay healthy throughout your life.

What are considered primary care specialties?

There are several primary care specialties that can help you choose a doctor that best meets you and your family’s needs. Some of the most common specialties for primary care doctors include general practitioners, internists, pediatricians, family medicine doctors, and even general obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN). For most people, finding a doctor who specializes in general medicine or family medicine can provide for the widest range of needs. Internists are doctors who only treat adults, while pediatricians specialize in the care of children. By choosing a doctor who can provide care for children, adults, and seniors, you can help ensure every member of your family receives the high-quality care and personalized attention they need to get the most out of every primary care appointment.

At Medical Access Urgent Care, we understand the importance of providing important primary care services to patients of all ages. If you live in Alexandria, VA and are looking for a doctor who can deliver quality and convenience for your family, contact our clinic to schedule an appointment or walk in to speak with a primary care physician today.