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Primary Care Clinic in Woodbridge, VA

Medical Access has primary care for your day-to-day healthcare needs. Please call us for more details or request an appointment online.

Primary Care Clinic in Woodbridge, VA

Your local primary care clinic in Woodbridge VA is Medical Access Urgent Care. We have a quality primary care physician here for you and the rest of your family too, and as a family-owned and -operated practice, we know how much your family means to you, so we’ll endeavor to keep you all healthy for your lifetimes! We’ll be here for you whenever you might need us, 7 days a week. Contact us or come see us today to meet your new physician.

What does primary care physician mean?

A primary care physician is a fully qualified doctor that provides primary care which is the most fundamental kind of healthcare. This means you can go see a primary care physician for first-contact healthcare, preventive care, and continual care, and the physician will be able to:

  • Test for and treat common health issues like throat infections and minor bone fractures
  • Help to prevent common issues and chronic conditions from occurring in the first place
  • Help to manage any existing chronic condition you have, like heart disease

If you just need general health advice or family health advice, your primary care physician can provide it. Additionally, over time, your physician will understand your health more and more, so they will be able to more easily identify any issues that come up. Your primary care physician can provide care for your family too. There are some specialized services your physician won’t be able to provide, but they can refer you to see specialists for these services.

What should I look for in a primary care physician?

This is a great question. What you want may differ from what another person may want in a primary care physician. For example, you might want a physician who understands a chronic condition like diabetes especially well. There are some general qualities you should look for in a physician, like:

  • Whether the physician is a general practice physician, a family practice physician (for families), or an internal medicine physician (this type of physician treats adults with chronic conditions)
  • Whether the physician is able to accept your insurance
  • If other people like friends, family, or other patients would recommend the physician
  • If the physician is located near you

Perhaps most importantly, though, you should trust your in-person impression of the physician. This will help you determine whether the physician is someone you can trust and will like. With Medical Access Urgent Care, you can set up a meet-and-greet with any of our physicians, and you can read about them here! Our practice is family-owned and -operated, and our physicians are multilingual and fully capable of providing primary care, urgent care, and many other types of non-emergency care.

When should I see my primary care physician?

This may depend on your age and health, but generally it’s best to see your physician every 6 months. A patient with a chronic condition like heart disease may need to see their physician every 3 months or more. If you see your physician regularly, you may be able to prevent many illnesses from occurring, or becoming worse and more costly to you. It can save you a lot of money to have regular checkups and preventive care!

Do you have a primary care clinic in Woodbridge, VA?

We do, yes! To learn more about Medical Access Urgent Care and our physicians, or to schedule a meet-and-greet with one of them, call us today at (703) 570-1177. You’re also welcome to make an online request for a meet-and-greet with us. If you like, since we’re an urgent care clinic as well as a primary care clinic, you’re welcome to come visit us in-person over at 14527 Jefferson Davis Hwy Woodbridge, VA 22191! We look forward to your meeting with us soon!