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Primary Care Clinic in Germantown, MD

Medical Access has a primary care clinic that offers care for adults, children, and seniors in Germantown MD. Please call us for more details or request an appointment online.

Primary Care Clinic in Germantown, MD

Medical Access Urgent Care is proud to be your local urgent and primary care clinic in Germantown, MD. Here you’ll find a quality primary care doctor who can keep you and the rest of your family healthy for your lifetimes. We’re fully capable of testing for and treating everything from common illnesses to chronic conditions, and we’ll be here for you whenever you might need us, 7 days a week. Come see us today, if you like, to meet your new physician!

Why do you need a primary care doctor?

It’s a really good idea to have a primary care doctor and it’s practically necessary for a bunch of reasons. A primary care doctor provides first-contact healthcare, preventive care, and continual care, so your doctor will be able to:

  • Diagnose and treat common health conditions like strep throat or minor bone fractures
  • Help you prevent common conditions and chronic conditions in the first place
  • Help you manage an existing chronic condition like diabetes

If all you need is general health advice, your doctor will be able to provide it, and for specialized services, the doctor will be able to refer you to specialists.

All of those services are invaluable. They’ll help you stay healthy and even improve your health. Also, over time, your primary care doctor will understand your health more and more, so the doctor will be able to more easily identify any issues that come up.

How often should you see a primary care doctor?

This can depend on your age and how healthy you are, but generally, you should see your primary care doctor every 6 months. A patient with a chronic condition like diabetes may need to see a doctor every 3 months or more often. Don’t wait until you’re sick to see your doctor. Many illnesses can be screened for and prevented in regular checkups. There’s another benefit of having a primary care doctor and seeing the doctor regularly: by preventing health issues from occurring or becoming serious and costly, the doctor will actually save you money on your healthcare.

During a meet-and-greet with one of our doctors here at Medical Access Urgent Care, feel free to ask the doctor how often they would recommend you come in for checkups.

What does a primary care doctor check for?

There are so many health issues a primary care doctor can check for and help you prevent, treat, or manage. If you believe you have a common illness like the flu, a bladder infection, or an STD, a doctor can check for it. Injuries like minor fractures can be checked for too. Here at Medical Access Urgent Care, we actually have an onsite X-ray machine to check for certain injuries, and we also have an onsite lab to check for some illnesses. We can provide employer drug testing too. Even behavioral health issues can be checked for by a primary care doctor like one of ours.

Also, a primary care doctor can screen for or help you manage a chronic condition like hypertension, heart disease, cancer, or another. For hypertension, the doctor can check your blood pressure regularly and provide other services; for heart disease, the doctor can suggest electrocardiograms and other tests; and for cancer, the doctor can provide or provide referrals for mammograms and other screens.

Do you have a primary care clinic in Germantown, MD?

Yes, we do. To learn more about Medical Access Urgent Care and our doctors, or to schedule a meet-and-greet with one of our doctors, call us today at (301) 428-1070. You’re also welcome to make an online request for a meet-and-greet with us. And because we’re an urgent care clinic as well as a primary care clinic, you’re welcome to come visit us in-person over at 12321 Middlebrook Rd Germantown, MD 20874! We look forward to speaking with or seeing you soon!