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Innovative Primary Care Doctors in Woodbridge, VA

Innovation is key in the field of medicine. So, look no further than Medical Access Urgent Care. Our doctors are dedicated to approaching medicine in new and innovative ways to help you with your health. Call us today or request an appointment online.

Innovative Primary Care Doctors in Woodbridge, VA
Innovative Primary Care Doctors in Woodbridge, VA

What kind of doctor is primary care?

Primary care physicians, or PCPs, are considered to be your main doctor and your first point of contact with the medical system. The majority of your health care concerns or questions will be dealt with by your primary care physician, who will also help you with coordinating care for chronic conditions or helping you get in to see a specialist if you need one. Primary care physicians are also known as family doctors or as general practitioners.

Your primary care physician is who you go to see for any routine health care or medical screenings or tests, including routine physical examinations or for routine immunizations. They help you manage or determine your risk factors for medical conditions, along with providing coordination of care, should you have a complex chronic or acute medical condition, and also with arranging recommendations for specialists, should you have need of them.

Additionally, primary care physicians are a repository of information for you and also the keeper of your medical history and records. They coordinate care and make certain that you and your health are well taken care of and that you have a source of information should you have need of it.

What are some important innovations in medicine?

Some of the significant medical innovations that have occurred in the last twenty years include:

  • the invention of electronic health records (EHRs), which computerized health and medical records;
  • HIV combined drug therapy, which continues to evolve even now, and today those who suffer from HIV/AIDS are expected to live an additional 50 years, or more, in comparison to those diagnosed years earlier.

These are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to important medical innovations that have occurred in the last twenty years. Constant new research, improvements on or changes to existing systems, have all improved the medical system and provided for new innovations in care and treatments that could only have been dreamed of even a few short years earlier.

Why is innovation needed in primary care?

As in any field, innovation is always needed. There are always ways to improve a system or make it better and more accessible to those who desperately need it. By innovating primary care, it becomes more accessible to the most vulnerable sections of the population, improving their access to basic health care, which improves the health of the overall population – which can lead to improvements in infant mortality rates, expected life spans, and how we fight illness and disease, all of which are vitally important in a constantly changing and evolving world.

Why do I need an innovative primary care doctor?

Innovative primary care physicians are interested in finding the best, most effective way to help you with your medical treatments. If you have a chronic condition, for example, they are more willing to recommend or try more experimental or uncommon treatments or methods of condition management – all of which may help to improve your own health and allow you to live a more healthy, active life.

For those looking for innovative and comprehensive primary care in the Woodbridge, VA area, then look no further than Medical Access Urgent Care. Our physicians and staff are dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to help manage and take care of your health. To book an appointment with us, please visit our website online to request one or give us a call at (703) 579-1177.