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Injury & Illness Treatment in Germantown, MD, Woodbridge, VA, & Alexandria, VA

Medical Access Urgent Care and Walk In Clinic Offers Injury & Illness Treatment in Germantown MD, Woodbridge & Alexandria, VA. For More Information Call One of Our Three Locations Today!

Injuries & Illness Treatment in Germantown, MD, Woodbridge, VA, & Alexandria, VA

Patients who are looking for fast and convenient treatment for common illnesses and minor injuries can access the important medical services that need at Medical Access Urgent Care in Germantown, MD and Woodbridge and Alexandria, VA without an appointment. When you need to speak with a doctor quickly, our exceptional and compassionate medical team are available to ensure you receive the care you need as quickly as possible.

Why should I choose a walk-in clinic?

Many patients will consider a trip to the emergency room when they are sick or hurt themselves. While this is necessary for conditions that are life-threatening, an E.R. visit can be prohibitively expensive and time consuming for individuals with less serious issues. At Medical Access Urgent Care, we provide fast and effective diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of conditions with significantly lower costs on average than a standard emergency room. We also provide convenient walk-in access that makes us a great choice for patients who do not have time to wait for an appointment with their primary care physician or a traditional doctor’s office. However, despite the increased level of convenience, a visit to one of our urgent care centers will typically cost about the same as the co-pay you would need for a standard office visit.

Can you perform necessary testing onsite?

All 3 of Medical Access Urgent Care’s walk-in clinics are able to perform diagnostic testing and imaging onsite. We maintain state-of-the-art digital x-ray equipment and laboratory services in-house, which allows us to streamline your diagnostic process and help you return home with a dedicated treatment plan faster than ever. By providing our patients with everything they need in one location, we can quickly identify and address whatever ailment they have come to us for. Our lab testing and radiology services are overseen by dedicated medical technicians and staff who have been expertly trained, so you can be confident that you are being given the correct information before deciding on a course of treatment with your doctor.

What types of injuries can you address?

For non-life-threatening injuries, our convenient walk-in urgent care services are the best option for many patients. We can effectively diagnose and treat minor fractures, muscles strains, sprains, minor burns, cuts, and lacerations. If you require follow-up care, we can provide your primary care doctor with records of your visit at your request. Our board-certified physicians have the experience necessary to provide you with a complete evaluation of your condition, so you know what to expect not only during your office visit, but throughout the necessary process of your recovery. When you sustain an injury, it can be tempting to ignore the pain and hope it will resolve on its own. However, early intervention can make the difference between an effective recovery or a worsening injury that may require more invasive intervention in the future.

When should I see a doctor for an illness?

There are many different types of illnesses we treat at Medical Access Urgent Care, several of which can have overlapping symptoms that make it difficult for patients to self-diagnose. Our doctors can provide care for urinary tract infections, sinusitis, respiratory infections such as bronchitis or the flu, eye and ear infections, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, cold symptoms, and many other conditions. If your illness is beginning to interfere with your daily life, or if your symptoms do not resolve with over-the-counter or at-home treatments, speaking with a certified medical professional can improve your quality of life and help you make a complete recovery.

If you live in Germantown, MD, Woodbridge or Alexandria, VA and are looking for a conveniently located urgent care center that can treat your illness or injury, trust the exceptional providers at Medical Access Urgent Care. We are offer convenient walk-in hours, so you can see a doctor quickly and start feeling better.