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Comprehensive Primary Care in Germantown, MD

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Comprehensive Primary Care in Germantown, MD
Comprehensive Primary Care in Germantown, MD

What is a comprehensive primary care provider?

Comprehensive care is a medical approach which cares for the whole patient and their needs, not only the medical and physical ones that they may have. Primary care providers exist to provide a go-to medical location for patients and operates as the first contact that many patients have in the medical system and help with both health care related and wellness considerations or questions that a patient may have.

Comprehensive primary care providers provide a long list of services to their patients, including regular check-ups and routine immunizations, but also provide care and help when a patient has an acute condition or if they are in need of help with managing a chronic one. The following is a list of services that comprehensive primary care providers provide, although it is not an exhaustive list:

  • Wellness visits and physical exams;
  • Vaccinations and immunizations for both children and adults;
  • Treatment of acute illnesses and injures – such as the flu or broken bones;
  • The management of chronic conditions or illnesses and coordinating complex care that may involve specialists;
  • Nutrition and weight loss;
  • Pediatric and adolescent medical services and care;
  • Women’s healthcare, including pap smears.

If you have any questions about what exact services your local comprehensive primary care providers offers, you should call them or visit their website for more information.

What is comprehensive health care?

Comprehensive care, at its most basic definition, is the prevention and management of multiple physical and emotional or mental health problems of a patient over a period of time, that may involve their familial relations, events in their life or environment, or anything else that may have an impact on their mental or physical health.

Comprehensive health care involves making use of all possible health care resources to help treat a patients medical conditions – be their physical or mental/emotional. Comprehensive health care emphasizes participation and intersectoral collaboration between patients and medical professionals. In basic health care terms, comprehensive health care considers the entire picture of a patient’s health – the “big picture” – when making medical decisions or when looking at their conditions.

What is a comprehensive primary care clinic?

Comprehensive primary care clinics place and emphasis on getting to know their patients, being familiar with their personal and familial medical history, in order to make certain that their wellness and health are all taken care of – all while looking at the “big picture” of their health. Your comprehensive primary care clinic can help with coordinating care with a variety of specialists that you may need to maintain your health or manage your medical conditions – from your mental health specialists to a primary care physician.

Focusing on providing comprehensive health care, these primary care clinics provide a familiar first point of contact with the healthcare system and as the principal point of the continuation of care for patients who require such care. They also help with coordinating required specialist care, if the patient has need of such. These clinics provide a wide variety of services – from routine wellness visits or physical exams, to treating acute or chronic conditions, to healthcare for women and children.

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