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The Benefits of Family Health Care

Urgent care is convenient — so convenient, it’s tempting to think there’s no need to have a family doctor, too. Although urgent care has its place, it’s no substitute for comprehensive family care. 

How do we know? Because at Medical Access, we offer both urgent care and family care — and that makes us a good judge of why family care is so important.

Our team prides itself on providing patient-centered, state-of-the-art family health care for our patients — at every stage of their lives. Here are six reasons why having a family doctor is so important for your health.

#1 They provide care for every member of your family

Most people know their health needs change — pretty dramatically — as they age. As an adult or senior, you wouldn't seek out care from a pediatrician. Similarly, you wouldn’t seek out a geriatric doctor for your child. 

A family doctor is just that — a doctor trained to provide medical care for every member of your family, regardless of age. That means you and your family members can spend less time wondering which doctor to see and more time focused on getting individualized care for optimal health at every age.

#2 They provide an wide array of medical services

Family doctors offer urgent and acute care for illnesses and injuries, and they’re also skilled in managing chronic care issues, like hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes. At Medical Access, we offer a comprehensive array of urgent care services in addition to family medical care to help patients find the right care when and where they need it.

#3 They know your health history

Your health isn’t a series of discrete events — it’s a continuous evolution, based on all the medical issues you’ve had in your past. One of the biggest benefits of seeing a family doctor is that they keep a detailed record of your medical history. That makes it a lot easier to spot early signs of diseases and to provide preventive care that’s based on your individual risk factors. 

#4 They provide referrals for special concerns

Family doctors can handle many of your medical concerns, but when you need specialized treatment, they can help, too. As leading medical providers in the greater Washington, DC, metro area, our team members provide referrals to top-tier specialists, so you can always feel confident you’ll receive the best care for your needs.

#5 They save you time and money

In addition to providing care for chronic medical issues, family doctors also provide a full range of preventive care services, all tailored to your needs. Preventive care doesn’t just help you stay healthy — it can help identify and reduce your risk factors for serious medical problems, helping you avoid more costly and time-consuming medical care in the future.

#6 They know the importance of the patient-doctor bond

Finally, when you have a family doctor who’s dedicated to the ongoing health needs of you and your family members, you build a sense of trust that helps you reach out and seek care for even uncomfortable or potentially embarrassing concerns. 

At Medical Access, our team takes the patient-doctor bond seriously, working diligently to make sure you feel comfortable and secure, knowing your doctor always has your best interests in mind. 

Care focused on your healthy future

Urgent care services are great for many acute issues — but it should never replace your family doctor. At our offices in Germantown,‌ ‌Rockville,‌ ‌and‌ ‌Beltsville,‌ ‌Maryland,‌ ‌and‌ ‌Alexandria,‌ ‌Woodbridge,‌ ‌and‌ ‌McLean,‌ Virginia‌, you can find urgent care as well as family medical services dedicated to your long-term health and wellness. 

To schedule an appointment with a family medical doctor, book an appointment online or over the phone at Medical Access today.

The Benefits of Family Health Care

Mar 10, 2022